William Knight for Judge.

Republican Nominee for Criminal District Court No. 2 in Tarrant County, Texas.

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Meet William

William was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas and attended All Saints’ Episcopal School. Knight earned his B.B.A. degree at Southern Methodist University, and his J.D. and M.B.A. degrees at St. Mary’s University where he was on the dean’s list and graduated with honors. Upon graduating, William dedicated his life to keeping our community safe. He served as a Staff Attorney at the Texas Department of Public Safety before serving at the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office. William is board certified in criminal law.

William is a prosecutor and spent years as the Assistant Chief of the District Attorney’s Intimate Partner Violence Unit (IPV) seeking justice for abused men and women. He previously prosecuted child abuse and elderly abuse cases in the Special Victims Unit (SVU). In 2019, Knight was voted Child Abuse Prosecutor of the Year for Tarrant County by his law enforcement peers. William consulted with detectives on numerous complex criminal matters from child sexual abuse to serious intimate partner violence cases. William has also lectured for police departments on best practices for criminal investigations. He was named Top Attorney in Criminal Law for 2021/2022/2023 in Fort Worth Magazine. Knight also lectures at Texas A&M School of Law and for the State Bar of Texas.

Knight’s conservative judicial philosophy will guide his decision making on the bench. During law school, Knight served as president of The Federalist Society and worked with conservative leaders like Senator Ted Cruz and others from the Heritage Foundation and CATO Institute to bring a conservative perspective to law school. Knight will strictly interpret the law as written and never legislate from the bench.

Knight’s real-world experience includes his leadership at Templeton Machine which was founded in 1951 by his grandfather who served in Third Army under General George Patton during World War II. Knight is a fourth generation Texan, a twelfth generation American and is a member of Sons of the American Revolution.  He enjoys golf, college football and hunting. 

Dear Patriot,

Enforcing the law is not just my chosen career path- it’s in my blood. I grew up listening to my dad, Assistant Criminal District Attorney Ronnie Knight, talk about the importance of a judge’s role in court proceedings. He believed that the only thing worse than a judge not knowing the law is a judge not caring to know the law. He was right; such a situation should never exist in a free society like ours. 

My SVU and IPV unit experience makes me the ideal candidate to enforce the laws as written. The rule of law has never been more important, and it will be an honor to continue enforcing our laws for our community as judge. 

I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas, so I know what a privilege it is to live in a safe community. We have a strong history of electing judges who care to correctly follow the law and I am humbly asking you for the privilege to carry on in that tradition.

I was president of The Federalist Society chapter at St. Mary’s University School of Law, and I understand the importance of electing lawyers who have a principled judicial philosophy. A judge should interpret the law as written and never legislate from the bench. Justice Scalia summarized it best in reference to the Constitution when he said, “…it says what it says, and it doesn’t say what it doesn’t say.” In my court we will do everything we can to correctly follow the law. The rule of law is the cornerstone of liberty, and we need judges who understand its importance- I do. I ask for your vote.

Sincerely, William A. Knight


I am honored to have the support of many conservative elected officials, Republican Party leaders, and friends!

Frederick Douglas Republicans of Tarrant County PAC
Tarrant County Republican Club PAC
Texas Right to Life PAC
Texas Values Action
Texas Gun Rights PAC
Tarrant County Patriots PAC
DFW Conservative Voters (The Green Card)
Young Conservatives of Texas
Texas HomeSchool Coalition
Restore Liberty Texas
For Liberty & Justice
The LinkLetter
Arlington Police Association

Club Presidents: 
Laura Oakley, President of Grapevine Republican Club
Paul Alvarado, President of Keller Republican Club
Elva Camacho, President of Tarrant County Republican Hispanic Assembly
Fran Rhodes, President of True Texas Project
Devi Acharya, President of Southeast Asia Republican Club
Chaplain Rich Stoglin, President of Frederick Douglas Republican Club Tarrant County
Anne Gebhart, President of Tarrant County Republican Assembly

Elected Officials, Precinct Chairs, Republican Leaders and Patriots:
Criminal District Attorney Sharen Wilson (former)
State Representative Nate Schatzline, District 93
State Representative David Cook, District 96
State Representative Tony Tinderholt, District 94
State Representative Charlie Geren, District 99
Former State Representative Matt Krause, District 93
Former State Representative Barbara Nash, District 93
Former State Representative Bill Zedler, District 96
Former Court of Appeals Chief Justice John Cayce
Tom Wilder, Tarrant County District Clerk
County Commissioner Gary Fickes, Pct. 3
County Commissioner Manny Ramirez, Pct. 4
Constable Dale Clark
Constable Darrell Huffman
Constable John Siegel
Former Constable Clint Burgess
Mayor Armin Mizani, Keller
Mayor John Huffman, Southlake
Mayor Oscar Trevino, North Richland Hills
Mayor An Truong, Haltom City
Mayor L. Kelly Jones, Westworth Village
Mayor Pro Tem Sherrie Watkins, Lake Worth
Former Mayor John Terrell, Southlake
Raul Gonzalez, Arlington City Councilor
Long Pham, Arlington City Councilor
Bowie Hogg, Arlington City Councilor
Nikkie Hunter, Arlington City Councilor
Ross McMullin, Keller Mayor Pro-Tem
Shannon Dubberly, Keller City Councilor
Jessica Juarez, Keller City Councilor
Tag Green, Keller City Councilor
John Miller, Hurst City Councilor
George Dodson, Colleyville City Councilor (former)
Shannon Braun, Grapevine-Colleyville ISD Board President
Tammy Nakamura, Grapevine-Colleyville ISD
Andrew Yeager, Vice President Southlake Carroll ISD
Charles Randklev, Keller ISD Board President
Micah Young, Keller ISD Board Trustee
Keziah Valdes Farrar, Mansfield ISD Trustee
Craig Tipping, Mansfield ISD Trustee
Kyleen Wright, President of Texans for Life Coalition & Precinct Chair
Anne Gebhart, State Republican Committee Woman Senate District 9
The Fillmore Law Firm
Dusty Fillmore
Dee Kelly, Jr.
Stuart & Kathy Lane, DFW Conservative Voters
Vince & Mona Puente
Shanda Perkins, Texas Public Finance Authority Board Member
Rick Barnes, Former Tarrant GOP Chair
Mona Bailey, Vice-Chair Tarrant GOP Legislative Affairs
Carol Anderson, Vice-Chair GOP External Affairs
Tim Davis, General Counsel Tarrant GOP
Ricky Rodriguez, Former Tarrant GOP Executive Director
Jeremy Bradford, Former Tarrant GOP Executive Director
Darl Easton, GOP Area Leader & Former Tarrant GOP Chair, District 92
Ruth Ray, GOP Area Leader, District 93
Steve Eklund, GOP Area Leader, District 94
David Lambertsen, GOP Area Leader, District 95
Joe Poth, GOP Area Leader, District 96
Amie Super, GOP Area Leader, District 97
Chuck Mogged, GOP Area Leader, District 98
Katheryn Moore, GOP Area Leader, District 99
Vanessa Mason, GOP Area Leader, District 101
John Konderla, GOP Area Leader, District 91
James Ashby, Former GOP Area Leader
Ashton Ashberry, Precinct Chair
Jackie Auger, Precinct Chair
Mike Barber, Precinct Chair
Andra Beatty, Precinct Chair
Peggy Borchert, Precinct Chair
John Brieger, Precinct Chair
Elva Comacho, Precinct Chair
Chris Craig, Precinct Chair
Mark Davis, Precinct Chair
Brenda Dietrich, Precinct Chair
Janna Easton, Precinct Chair
Jason Ellis, Precinct Chair
Mary Garza, Precinct Chair
Robert Grace, Precinct Chair
Jessica Gray, Precinct Chair
Carol Guarnieri, Precinct Chair
Dr. Mark Hanson, Precinct Chair
Cathy Hartman, Precinct Chair
Brenda Hayes, Precinct Chair
Brandon Hill, Precinct Chair
Craig Ownby, Precinct Chair
David Rakes, Precinct Chair
Vandolyn Roszell, Precinct Chair
Gloria B. Sanchez, Precinct Chair
Susan Tate, Precinct Chair
Carlos Turcios, Precinct Chair
Susan Valliant, Precinct Chair
Brenda White, Precinct Chair
Greg Will, Precinct Chair
Tammy McNatt, Precinct Chair
Mary Childs, Precinct Chair
Aaron James, Precinct Chair
Lynda Haltom, Precinct Chair
Sherry Moore, Precinct Chair
John Peet, Precinct Chair
Lori Leeth-Thomas, Precinct Chair
Michelle Cole, Precinct Chair
David Castles, Precinct Chair
James Ashby, Former Precinct Chair
Donna Korman, Former Precinct Chair
Richard Sutterfield, Former Precinct Chair
Bill Eastland, Precinct Chair
Frances Scharli, Precinct Chair
TK Campbell, Precinct Chair
Mark Hayes, Precinct Chair
Trent Hill, Precinct Chair
Aaron James, Precinct Chair
David Rakes, Precinct Chair
Donna Korman, Former Precinct Chair
Glenn Melvin, Precinct Chair-Elect
John Raymond, Precinct Chair
Brandon Hall, Candidate for State Board of Education
Curtis McCaffity
MaryLee & Carl Alford
Roxann Taylor
David McClelland
Anne Coker
Chris Putnam
Rusty & Molly Reid
Bodie Freeman
Bowie & Adrianne Holland
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Jones
Chris & Kimberly Long
Nathan & Kally Long
Conrad Beyer
Greg & Kelly Maulk
Hank & Anne Paup
Charles & Jenny Miller
Wes & Patti Berkovsky
Judy Kellogg
Stephen & Pamela Gilchrist
Matt Scott
Marion Knight
Betty Harvey
Matt Claunch
Glen Bucy
Chris Lankford, Chairperson Criminal Law Section of Tarrant Bar
Warren St. John, Criminal Defense Lawyer
Brian Poe, Criminal Defense Lawyer
Matt Buckalew, Criminal Defense Lawyer
Gus & Cami Gildner, Criminal Defense Lawyer
Graham Norris, Criminal Defense Lawyer
Nick Davis, Criminal Defense Lawyer
Ray Napolitan, Criminal Defense Lawyer
James Luster, Criminal Defense Lawyer
Justin Sparks, Criminal Defense Lawyer
Jan Curry
Matthew Lucci
Christi Clanton
Gordon Rhodes
Joe Jones
Glenn Adams
Cynthia Gonzalez
Anu Tamang
Allison Shelby
Dell Morgan
Heather Gilbert
Chad Chadwick
Jennifer Rendon Williams
Jack McGuire
Mark & Debbie Brezina
Mike Weber
Fred & Ann Lebahn
Rafael Salazar
Shelley Montgomery
Stephanie Duke
Scott Bragg
Jack & Dana McCarty
Trent Hill
Jake Banglesdorf
Chaplain & Mrs. Richmond Stoglin
Sarah Turner
Robert William Grace
Carl Todd
Patti & Jody Ambrose
Rick & Kathy Hopwood
Dr. & Mrs. Steve Hudgens
Grant Gildon


Professional Memberships

The Federalist Society, former Chapter President
State Bar of Texas
State Bar of Minnesota
District of Columbia Bar Association
Texas Bar Foundation Fellow
Tarrant County Bar Association Fellow
Texas District and County Attorneys Association
Phi Delta Phi, Legal Honors Fraternity

Social Memberships

Sons of the American Revolution
Southern Methodist University Mustang Club

Volunteer and Community Involvement

All Saints’ Episcopal School, Board of Trustee Member
St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, Parishioner
Bible Study Fellowship, Member
Colleyville Lions Club, Member
HOA Board, Member
Project Safe Neighborhood
Tarrant County GOP Reagan Club

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